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Founders Desk - AJ
In the peak winter of December 2016, Adv. Anirudha Joshi laid the foundation of JURIS ARMOR with a vision to establish a full-service, multi-disciplinary law firm capable of providing cutting-edge legal services to its clients. In resonance with and in conformity to its name; we at JURIS ARMOR strive to provide a strong, reliable and intellect heavy legal armour to our clients. JURIS ARMOR is recognised as one of the top law firms in Pune. The firm comprises of a mix of shrewd, seasoned & experienced senior advocates and young, fiery & talented junior advocates; all having the zeal, courage and skills to handle complicated & gruelling court cases and a hunger to win court battles.

Adv. Anirudha Joshi is regarded as one of the best lawyers in Pune and has built a solid goodwill and reputation within the legal and business fraternity as an intelligent and well-read lawyer.

Adv. Anirudha Joshi is considered to be an excellent and first class lawyer with a strong grasp over fundamental legal principles and is very methodical in his work and has a high rate of successfully winning cases. His fluency and command over the English language and a logical, powerful and persuasive style of argument has made his name to be counted as one of the best advocates in Pune. He is also a Visiting Professor at some of the top law colleges in Pune and Mumbai, including ILS Law College, DES Navalmal Firodia Law College, MIT School of Law, Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College, NMIMS Kirit Mehta School of Law and Symbiosis Law School; having taught a wide range of subjects and hundreds of students till date. He is also regularly invited as a guest speaker for various seminars & programs and as a judge for moot courts, debates & mock trials. Adv. Anirudha Joshi has gained fame as one of the best lawyers in Pune, having a very formidable and commanding presence in the court and having personally handled numerous complex legal matters.

Rapid globalization riding high on the waves of consumerism, rapid advancements in technology and cut throat competition has caused a major change in the fabric of the society and economy. Turbulence in the legal, political and economic domains of any country can have a significant impact on the society. Law is the bulwark that staunchly protects the rights and interests of the common citizens. However, any legal system can only be truly effective if applied in a regimented and uniform manner for all. No other country in the world can match India with regards to diversity in terms of geography, religion, language, food, architecture, community, caste & culture. It is the most populous country in the world as well. Ironically, this high diversity and massive population size is India’s biggest strength as well as India’s biggest weakness. It makes   execution and implementation of any sort of micro or macro socio-economic-political-legal policy, system and regulation extremely difficult, cumbersome and overwhelming. High diversity invariably always results in differences in views, interests, perspectives & opinions and often there is always a certain segment in the society which feels dissatisfied; translating into protests, rebellion, disobedience and dissent.

Despite insurmountable challenges, the judicial and legal machinery in India is fighting tooth and nail to keep pace with and adapt to the rapid speed at which the economy, society and technology are evolving. The courts and tribunals in our country are saddled under a heavy load of pending litigation which is increasing by the day. Often a litigant is left helpless and without any support to tread the deep dark mires of the courts; riddled with inefficiency, lethargy and highly complex rules that are generally incomprehensible to a layman. Overburdened and overworked judges, scarcity of court time, lack of specific subject knowledge, shoddy work ethics, crooked practices and paucity of honest and skilled lawyers, further escalate the challenges.

JURIS ARMOR resolutely stands as a beacon of hope. JURIS ARMOR is one of the best law firms in Pune and comprises of a team of dynamic, highly competent lawyers capable of handling all types of court cases, lawsuits and legal matters.  Over the years, JURIS ARMOR has been able to establish a strong affiliate network of advocates, senior counsels, company secretaries, chartered accountants and niche subject-knowledge experts, who act as a support system to the core team. This gives JURIS ARMOR an unparalleled edge and capability in handling very complex disputes and providing high quality litigation services in various Tribunals, District & Sessions Courts and High Courts located across India including the Supreme Court.

JURIS ARMOR is famed as one of the top law firms in Pune and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, enabling us to deliver comprehensive and end-to-end services to a diverse set of clientele in India and globally. Our team is also actively engaged in various social activities including conducting free legal awareness seminars at schools and colleges and providing legal aid services. Our team is trained to adopt a practical and pragmatic approach towards resolving issues and rely upon viable least-conflict strategies which are time-efficient, resource-efficient, restrict exposure to liability and successfully accomplish the needs and objectives of the client. We do not promise fancy courtroom dramas but we do take honest, sincere and persuasive efforts in resolving all your legal issues and disputes.