Civil Lawyer in Pune

Civil Lawyer

JURIS ARMOR is an acclaimed top-tier law firm having a competent and highly capable team of civil lawyer in Pune. The combo of Adv. Anirudha Joshi and Adv. Anjana Kunwar are considered to among the best civil advocates in Pune, for their wealth of knowledge and considerable experience in handling various types of civil matters and disputes. Adv. Kanchan Singh, Adv. Vritee Ssoni, Adv. Chetan Oswal and Adv. Siddharth Mehta are briskly gaining reputation as top civil lawyers in Mumbai.

Over the years, JURIS ARMOR has been able to establish a strong affiliate network of advocates, senior counsels, company secretaries, chartered accountants and niche subject-knowledge experts, who act as a support system to the core team.

This gives JURIS ARMOR an unparalleled advantage and capability in handling very complex disputes and providing high quality legal advisory and civil litigation services in various Tribunals, District Courts and High Courts located across India including the Supreme Court. JURIS ARMOR is a well-known civil law firm in Pune and is equipped with cutting edge infrastructure and facilities with a focus of providing comprehensive, efficient and result-oriented service. Adv. Anirudha Joshi is regarded as one of the most well read, competent and best civil advocate in Pune; with a very constructive and convincing style of argument. His colleagues Adv. Anjana Kunwar, Adv. Kanchan Singh, Adv. Vritee Ssoni, Adv. Chetan Oswal and Adv. Siddharth Mehta are arguably some of the best civil lawyers in Pune and Mumbai.

Civil Law as a field is like a vast ocean brimming with perplexing and complicated issues and disputes. Due to the archaic structuring of the Civil Procedure Code; the nature of civil matters is inherently very rigid and lawyers generally follow a pre-ordained path while drafting and arguing a civil matter, with very limited scope for out-of-the-box thinking. A massive amount of old pending cases, overburdened and overworked judges, paucity of precious court time and lack of knowledge of fundamental legal principles make a very potent mix eventually resulting in protracted court proceedings and heavy financial drain.

On an average the minimum time required for hearing and disposal of a civil matter is around 4 years. Lucidly and coherently drafted petitions; extensive research on supporting case-laws and precedents; clarity in fundamental legal principles and the ability to deliver properly articulated and reasoned arguments are the strengths of the JURIS ARMOR team; making it the preferred law firm to handle all types of civil and commercial litigation. Due to the rigid, complex and convoluted nature of civil cases, there is a dearth of young talented civil lawyers in Pune, who possess the competence and skill to successfully handle such cases.

Adv. Anirudha Joshi has made a name for himself as one of the best civil lawyers in Pune. His fluency and command over the English language and a powerful, persuasive and compelling style of argument has made his name to be counted as the best civil advocate in Pune. JURIS ARMOR has successfully handled commercial and civil litigation for a diverse set of clientele including prominent businessmen and well-known Construction, Pharma, Automobile, Paints & Adhesives, Banking, Logistics and Steel companies.