Divorce Lawyer in Pune

Divorce Lawyer
Adv. Anirudha Joshi is widely acknowledged as the best advocate in Pune for divorce cases; highly proficient and adept in handling divorce cases. The JURIS ARMOR team contains some of the most capable and experienced divorce lawyers in Pune, including Adv. Anjana Kunwar, Adv. Onkar Ukarande and Adv. Aarti Bhonsle. They are supported by an expert team that includes Adv. Kanchan Singh, Adv. Vritee Ssoni and Adv. Siddharth Mehta, who are skilled in handling family matters and considered as some of the top lawyers in Mumbai. Family Court as a forum specifically deals only with cases relating to family law; including divorce, annulment, restitution, maintenance and custody. Compared to any other civil case, the nature of a divorce case is very different since very often it comes attached with a fiery mix of emotions.
Years of suppressed pent-up anger, hate, resentment and bitterness between estranged spouses and their respective families often have a very strong impact on a case; leading to matters quickly escalating in the Family Court. A divorce lawyer faces the herculean task of balancing these boiling emotions with logical, calm and collected arguments in the court.

Being a leading family law firm in Pune; we have a very result oriented and focused approach towards any given case and try to resolve disputes as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Adv. Anirudha Joshi is considered to be a very competent and seasoned divorce lawyer in Pune; with a very logical, effectual and aggressive style of argument and having a massive success rate in complicated cases. His partner Adv. Anjana Kunwar is also fast gaining reputation as a capable divorce lawyer in Pune for her experience and skill in handling divorce cases. Their colleagues Adv. Kanchan Singh, Adv. Vritee Ssoni and Adv. Siddharth Mehta are equally adept in handling family matters and are counted among the best divorce lawyers in Mumbai. Over the years a marital relationship may get strained due to high expectations, irrational and frivolous demands, imposition of orthodox regulations and lack of communication and understanding. Irreconcilable differences in opinions, views, temperaments and lifestyles coupled with arguments and disputes over various small and big issues can lead to deterioration and irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Attempts by relatives and friends to bridge the gap and bring about a reconciliation may also may fail. We also offer the best of counselling services.

In case of a Contested Divorce case, the minimum time required for hearing and disposal is approximately 2 years. However hotly contested divorce matters may take even longer to resolve. If the parties decide to amicably settle the dispute and opt for a Divorce by Mutual Consent, the process gets over within a span of about 6 months. In case of contested cases; we understand that maintenance payments, child care support coupled with litigation costs can make expenses rise very rapidly and hence we have some of the lowest divorce lawyer fees in Pune. Due to the complicated and convoluted nature of family law matters, there is a dearth of proficient and competent divorce lawyers in Pune, who possess the aptitude and skills to successfully handle such cases.

JURIS ARMOR is recognized as one of the prominent family law firms in Pune and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Adv. Anirudha Joshi is widely regarded as the best divorce lawyer in Pune, having a very formidable and commanding presence in the Family Court and having personally handled numerous complicated and tedious divorce matters; including cases of some high profile celebrities and politicians.