Arbitration Lawyer in Pune

Arbitration Lawyer
JURIS ARMOR is one of the leading arbitration firms in Pune. Our team comprises of the best arbitration lawyers in Pune; having high experience and skill in handling arbitration matters.

Adv. Anirudha Joshi alongwith his partner Adv. Anjana Kunwar are considered to be the finest arbitration lawyers in Pune. Their colleagues Adv. Vritee Ssoni, Adv. Kanchan Singh and Adv. Siddharth Mehta are equally knowledgeable and proficient in handling arbitration cases and are regarded as top lawyers in Mumbai.
There are over 5 crore cases pending hearing before the traditional judiciary in India. Arbitration is a form of alternate dispute resolution that attempts to resolve disputes outside the court. Arbitration offers high flexibility; wherein the parties can mutually choose the arbitrator, the number of arbitrators (generally an odd number), the venue of the arbitration and even the language in which the arbitration will be conducted. Arbitration proceedings are also not bound by strict and rigid rules of procedure as compared to the traditional court process.

Arbitration as a process is also very fast; with matters being heard and disposed within a span of 6 months to a year. Incorporating a properly worded arbitration clause in contracts can help in avoiding tedious litigations for a company or organization. It presents an opportunity to the parties to negotiate and settle their disputes in a fair and equitable manner and avoid being stuck in a time consuming and financially draining litigation. Another advantage of arbitration is that it offers parties a chance to choose an Arbitrator who has specific subject knowledge and expertise to hear and decide disputes involving niche subject matters.

JURIS ARMOR is rapidly gaining reputation as one of the best arbitration firms in Pune. Adv. Anirudha Joshi is considered to be an excellent and first-class arbitration lawyer in Pune; with a strong grasp over the fundamentals of arbitration and a very methodical and persuasive style of argument and having a high success rate in complicated cases. He is supported by a talented team that includes Adv. Anjana Kunwar, Adv. Kanchan Singh, Adv. Vritee Ssoni, Adv. Chetan Oswal and Adv. Siddharth Mehta who are equally skilled and adept in handling arbitration cases and are regarded as some of the best lawyers in Mumbai and Pune.

Arbitration is a credible solution to some of the main problems plaguing the conventional court system; overburdened and overworked judges, paucity and scarcity of court time leading to delay in hearing and deciding cases; lack of specific subject knowledge while deciding a dispute and the tendency of the court to give win-lose decisions rather than a mutually beneficial compromise thereby aggravating the animosity between the parties. Arbitration is fast becoming the preferred method of settling disputes, especially in the corporate world. Since Arbitration is a relatively new field; there is a dearth of capable arbitration lawyers in Pune, who possess the skills to successfully handle an arbitration case.

JURIS ARMOR is recognized as one of the premier arbitration firms in Pune and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that no other arbitration firm in Pune can match, enabling us to provide comprehensive, efficient and result-oriented service. We have successfully handled arbitration matters for some renowned IT, Automobile, Plastics, Chemical, Perfumes, Ceramics, Logistics and Banking companies; including a high-stakes dispute between a sports apparel company and a star cricketer.